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This page was archived November 8, 2012. I am no longer providing support for this software, however I will keep the files available for download.


Please report any broken links, or non-functioning files in the comments sections below. Thanks

Mac OS X

The Mac OS Versions are not a current version of the interpreter. They are currently version 12.x.


This version is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). It may also be compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). MUMPS MAC OS 32-bit executable This version was compiled with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). MUMPS Mac OS 64-bit executable

Source Install

If you prefer, you may also compile MUMPS from source as well. You will need to install a couple of things first.
  1. Xcode for your version of Mac OS (Obtain from the Apple website, or your Mac OS X install disk)
  2. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
    1. Unzip the folder after downloading
    2. Enter Terminal
    3. Navigate to extracted folder
    4. type ./configure
    5. type make
    6. type sudo make install
Once you have those two things installed, you should download the MUMPS source.(Source Files) To compile:
  1. Extract the folder
  2. Open terminal
  3. navigate to the extracted folder
  4. If you have a 64 bit processor then you should run the following
    1. ./configure prefix=/usr --with-cpu64
  5. If you have a 32 bit processor you should run the following
    1. ./configure prefix=/usr
  6. type make
  7. type sudo make install
  8. If you type mumps, the Mumps interpreter should open.



Tested with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. The following are debian packages. These are also in BETA.

32 bit package (May work with Ubuntu 10.10)

New Version!!! Ver. 13.1 Beta2 mumps_13.1b-2_i386.deb

64 bit package (Ubuntu 10.10 supported)

New Version!!! Ver. 13.1 Beta2 mumps_13.1b-2_amd64.deb

Old Versions

Click here


If you are having trouble with one of the packages or using mumps, feel free to email Mumps Support.


If you would like to access other MUMPS resources, please access the website of Dr. Kevin O'Kane. Ryan Murphy, Dr. Kevin O'Kane, RyChannel.com, and the University of Northern Iowa express no warranties or guarantees when using this software. We are not responsible if you somehow destroy your computer